Welcome Warjeen Suleiman!

Meet Warjeen, the heart and soul of Cheer Home Care’s recruitment team. With her unwavering dedication and positivity, Warjeen embodies our company culture. 

Warjeen’s journey with Cheer began in October 2023 when she found our company on LinkedIn. Drawn in by our empowering slogan and ethos of kindness, she immediately knew she had found her tribe. After an interview with Brooke, Warjeen was welcomed to the team, finding herself right at home among the compassionate and driven team members.

As a first-generation student, compassionate advocate, and with a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science from UCSD, she has demonstrated that her background in cognition is just the beginning. Prior to working at Cheer Home Care, she worked at the International Rescue Committee for 2 years with refugees and their families. With an eye for talent and genuine care for people, Warjeen has optimized our recruitment process, bringing structure and efficiency while fostering a welcoming orientation for our new hires. 

When she’s not busy recruiting amazing caregivers, you can find her playing field hockey, using her self-taught piano and guitar skills, and even cooking and baking (inspired by her Kurdish roots). Warjeen is a lady of many talents!

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