National Volunteer Week: A Day with Miracle League of San Diego

Last Saturday was not just any ordinary day for the Cheer Home Care team and their families. It was a day filled with joy and a profound sense of community as we volunteered for the Miracle League of San Diego. 

The Miracle League of San Diego is more than just baseball games; it’s a platform for fostering moments of fun and belonging for children with disabilities. Being part of such a remarkable initiative was an honor for us — a chance to contribute to something bigger! As we cheered on the players, helped them round the bases, and celebrated their victories, we realized the impact of simple acts of kindness. Each high-five and word of encouragement, was a testament to the transformative power of compassion. It wasn’t just about playing a game; it was about building connections and fostering self-confidence. 

We are immensely grateful to Dan Engel for inviting the Cheer team to be part of this extraordinary experience. His dedication to creating a community is admirable and we are proud to stand alongside him in this mission. National Volunteer Week may have provided the motivation for our involvement, but our commitment to spreading compassion and positivity extends far beyond a single week. It’s a pledge we make to ourselves and our community every day— to be agents of change, spreaders of cheer and beacons of hope! Thank you, Miracle League of San Diego, for reminding us of the true meaning of community. To learn more, visit

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