Providing quality care and peace of mind for seniors and their families is a way of life for Brooke Martindale. When her Grandma Verna suffered a stroke at only 53, Brooke saw her family’s struggles to find supportive, trustworthy home care and dependable caregivers as well as the burden of managing her grandmother’s finances.

Inspired by her family experience, Brooke began her career with Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor for seniors. Knowing that finances were only part of the picture, Brooke decided to start her first home care company in 2009 at age 27.

Her company grew rapidly based on Brooke’s strong commitment to quality care, excellent customer service, and highly qualified caregivers. The company’s impeccable reputation brought several suitors to its door, and in 2020, she decided to sell and move her family from snowy Boston to the sunny weather of San Diego.

Upon arrival to San Diego, she met many individuals in the aging care industry who shared the need for a quality concierge home care company in the area. Among them was Gabrielle Pumpian, a veteran home care professional with whom Brooke immediately felt was a kindred spirit with a shared sense of purpose. Brooke recognized that her experience, along with Gabrielle’s local experience, was a perfect formula to fill that niche.

Brooke has recruited an elite office staff and the most highly-qualified professional caregivers to serve La Jolla and San Diego. She named the company Cheer to reflect the joy and optimism she offers both her clients and her team of caregivers. Cheer was founded to represent a vision of what the gold standard in aging services can be, where the office team is valued as professionals but can feel like one of the family, and clients and caregivers alike are treated with the dignity, respect, and integrity they deserve. When that happens, anything is possible.


what sets us apart

Customized & Cheerful Approach

Our unique suite of innovative services addresses clients' practical needs, fosters high-level social and intellectual engagement, and complements each client's specific lifestyle.

Proactive, Never Reactive

Our knowledgeable Cheer professionals specialize in recognizing potential client care needs before they become a problem, which can mean avoiding a dramatic life change, or a serious event. From home safety to health concerns, we can minimize potential undesirable outcomes.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use cutting-edge technology to maximize efficiency and strengthen connections with clients. Our Cheer team smartphones include a HIPAA compliant homecare app so caregivers and clients can stay connected 24/7.

Elite Professionals

We hire only the finest professionals, in all caregiving categories, only employing 2% of Traditional Caregivers who apply. After our exhaustive vetting process including three separate interviews, the last question we ask ourselves before we hire a caregiver is, "Would I want this person working with someone close to me?"

A Liberating Approach

Cheer can provide assistance that allows people to continue the activities and lifestyle they are accustomed to. Whether clients want to go to the office, attend a theatre performance, play a musical instrument, or go to a local café for a coffee and lively discussion, we can help them live their best life.

Family-owned & Operated

Brooke and Terrance own 100% of the company and continue to work full-time. Along with the Cheer team, they are dedicated to providing superior care to their clients... care they would only want for their own family.

Meet the Team


Brooke P. Martindale

CEO & Founder

Terrance Martindale

Chief Growth Officer
Finance Manager
Director of Care
Care Case Manager
Scheduling & Recruiting Manager
Administrative Assistant
On-Call Manager
Marketing Manager
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