Welcome Amy Bailey!

Meet Amy Bailey, an individual with a passion for communication and a heart for community impact. After a cultural exchange program in La Jolla in 2020, Amy fell in love with the vibrant coastal surroundings and lively community, igniting a return trip where she met Brooke last year. 

Amy’s journey is as diverse as her interests. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in Corporate Communications from IIE Varsity College in South Africa in 2019, she embarked on a freelancing journey, collaborating with various brands to elevate their various marketing needs. Currently residing in South Africa, Amy brings her global perspective and unwavering dedication to her role as the newest addition to the Cheer Home Care family.

At Cheer Home Care, Amy’s mission is clear: to create lasting impressions through her skills and dedication. Her interests span far and wide, from travel and volunteer work to health and fitness. As a self-proclaimed coffee snob and beach enthusiast, she finds comfort in the simple pleasures of life, fueling her drive to bring warmth to all her endeavors. 

Join us in welcoming Amy Bailey to the Cheer Home Care family!

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